Got (your own) Psychosis?

Birds coverOK, here we go, I’m announcing my own (very first) contest! You heard it right girls and boys. A Perfessor contest! In honor of the release of GWP’s initial comicbook outing, Psychosis! #1, I’m giving away four (yes four!) copies of the comic. One each of the four distinctly iconoclastic covers.

Here’s how the contest is going to work. Post in this space what your scariest (media-related) experience was (i.e., movie, TV show, play, etc.) and briefly describe that experience, not don’t have it be “I jumped in my seat while watching The Omen when the guy jumped out from behind the thing, and startled me”. (“Gotcha” moments simply don’t count; it should be a truly chilling moment when you realized your own mortality.) Oh yeah, folks who have their own blog, and also post their comment on their own blog and/or link this post back to their blog (or their blog over to this post) gain extra credit, and move to the top of the heap.

Meth coverFor me, my two scariest (media) moments came — oddly enough — while watching Saturday Night Live. One was a sketch where Loraine Newman was a 5-year-old girl and Christopher Plummer was Death (ending with Plummer reluctantly acknowledging “I’ll be back on your 10th birthday” when Newman kept asking when he’d come back and visit her). The second (also an SNL sketch) involved Gilda Radner (also as a 5-year-old) who was admonished by her dad (Martin Sheen) to stop getting out of bed and go to sleep, who opens her closet door and discovers that there really is a monster in there.

Both were quite chilling (Then, of course, there is The Sixth Sense, which was as creepy a film as I’ve ever seen, but on a more sustained level).

Psychosis-1 KeithHaving described your horrific vision, I then want you to list (in order) which cover you would like autographed and sent to you. I’ll pick at random, who wins and which cover they get, and then announce the winners (again, folks who spread the word about the comic and post on their own blog will be given extra consideration). I’ll then have you e-mail me your hard address, and I’ll send you your prize which will be autographed by me, as well as however many of the other contributors that I can corral into also signing the book.

Psychosis-1, BobHopefully more than four of you will respond to this contest which will run until Halloween. The decisions of the judges (me) will be arbitrary and final. Oh yeah, for the record the covers are 1A (Girls), 1B (Lantern), 1C (Meth), and 1D (Birds). Again, the insides of the comic are all the same, only the cover changes.

That’s it folks. Enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “Got (your own) Psychosis?”

  1. I was trying to think of what my scariest media-related moment was and was struggling a bit. I was going to say the time I was at the theater watching one of the Halloween movies and the power suddenly went out in the theater at a scary part…everyone screamed and someone grabbed my arm..I realized it was my aunt next to me…but I don’t think that is what you meant.

    Hmm…maybe when I was watching The Ring…it gave me the chills for some reason…it wasn’t so much scary as it was creepy thinking that by watching a video you could die. The part where she realizes her son watched it was creepy. For some reason movies that are gory/bloody don’t scare me as much as those that aren’t (ex. The Grudge).

    I am sorry if this is not what you meant though.

    Here is a list of my cover preferences:

  2. Actually Jen, that is precisely for what I was looking. The power going out in the theater is probably the creepier of the two, though. Reminds me of the time that my friend was watching Poseidon Adventure, and the doors of the theater blew open (raging storm outside), and a mini-flash flood rushed down the center Isle (just as the ship turned over and water was rushing into the upended ship), and terrified the patrons of the theater.

    I kid you not.

    The Perfessor

  3. Thanks…and I can see why the patrons of the theater would be terrified.

  4. Come on! Surely there are other people who would like to get their hands on a high quality, illustrated, horror anthology! We have classic takes on various sub-genres, (The Twilight Zone, EC and Creepy Comics, not to mention monsters, vampires werewolves, a psycho killer, and more). These are all compelling stories that are well written and illustrated in unique and interesting styles.

    Certainly there are more of you who are interested in these books. Especially when you consider that they have all been autographed by a number of the creators.

    The Perfessor

  5. When I was much younger I was babysitting and we were watching a movie on a Saturday night. I didn’t expect it to be an upsetting experience but it was. The movie was “Psycho” which was bad enough but what happened during the movie was worse. The doorbell rang and this was the freakiest thing ever. A boy who I knew had died in a car wreck a year before was at the door so I fainted on the spot.

  6. Heh, seems like that I’ve heard this story before, not that I don’t believe you, but, well, I really am not buying it El… got any more?

    The Perfessor

  7. OK. I will try this one then. Many years ago when I was at the movie theatre, I was watching Gaslight, a classic type atmospheric movie. Loved it and the effects etc. Acting was brilliant. The only problem was trying to sleep ever again. Very difficult due to the footsteps overhead, the dimming lights and the creepy sounds.

  8. Last Year myself and the future Mrs. Kord were watching Seven, a movie that totally creeped me out.

    A little while after the end of the movie, my phone rang and someone with a gravelly voice said: “I should have killed them all.”

    “Excuse me?” I replied.

    “I should have killed them all.”

    There was a long pause, and then I hung up the phone and told the future Mrs. Kord what had transpired. She told me to “star 69.”

    Before I could do that, the person called back and said “I should have killed them all.”

    I hung up again and my future wife told me to call the police, which I did. I can’t tell you what a sissy fealt like as I told the dispacher about the calls. There was nothing they could do…yet.

    When I got off the phone with the police, one of my co-workers and friends called me and wanted to know why I kept hanging up on him. He had been the one to call me with that.

    It turns out that I had sent an e-mail to some friends offereing to host a movie night at my house. I asked for suggestions. My co-worker wanted to watch First Blood (Rambo I) and that was his way of asking for it. If I hadn’t been so hinky from watching Seven, I might have hung on the line long enough for him to explain. But my imagination ran away with me that night.

  9. Most Excellent Ted, do you have a preference for covers?

    And you Ellie (even though you are merely citing the plots of existing films that we’ve all seen).

    The Perfessor

  10. Thanks. I would like the Lantern cover. My creativity is at an all time low. Sorry.

  11. the cover that really jumps out at me is the Lantern Cover as well. It’s very Agent Scully. I always had a thing for agent Scully.

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