The beginning of the end?

We can only hope. today is Monday October 31, 2017 and subpoenas for Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential campaign scheduled to go out today. Someone made this video which has gone viral, and we wanted to re-post it here because…well, because it is fun.

Have fun out there kids.

The Perfessor

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Oriented meteorite

What a small meteorite looks like when it doesn’t spin and tumble as it enters Earth’s atmosphere

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Real life locations behind The Clearsky Chronicles

Earth is flooded in The Clearsky Chronicles.

What takes place in The Clearsky Chronicles doesn’t do so in some fantasy version of Earth. It’s the real world. Only flooded. And frozen. The City is laid out near where Bogota Colombia is today. The path that the Procession takes from the coast is a real road, and the tunnel Odessa and her podmates get stopped in is a real tunnel people use to enter the outskirts of Bogota from the south. In our story, the entrances to the tunnel have been swept away by the cataclysm of water dropped on Earth from space.

When investigating Bogota, I discovered not only the flat pampas to the northeast of the city that were converted into the growing areas, but the tunnel shown here and a few key mountain peaks. Monserrate and Guadaloupe. Monserrate is the mountain peak that Ivan most likely can see looking out his tower cell. If he stands on his tip-toes. If you would like to see it, there’s a cable car that goes to the top most days. And if you’re wondering, yes. The cable car inspired me to create the tramway in the story.


Maps to come

The islands of Cerebus — Rhone, Angel, and Kanima

To flood the earth is easy. Just get a program with topological information, set the sea level to 4000 feet (1219 meters) and copy the outline. Then, it’s just an easy conversion to a KMZ file you can open up in Google Earth.

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer you can download this file and see for yourself. Clicking this will attempt to open up Google Earth on your computer.  Clearsky Chronicles Coastline in Google Earth (1 Meg)
(WARNING:your mobile may not like this file)

If you do look at the file, you’ll see there are many dozens of islands — all in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Okay, not islands. Mountains with peaks higher than 4000 feet. Same thing in my world.

Now to my problem that you can help with

I’m going to post this on our Facebook page

And then next week we’ll start asking for names for islands. We have the names for six so far, but I would like to name about a dozen or so more. These names will go on the map and in the next book. There’s no guarantee that any of the names will go in the book series — mainly because this all has to make it through editing. There’s a list of existing names below. The three primary islands of Cerebus are adapted from their real world locations. You’ll recognize Angel from Angel Falls. You can work out where the other two islands are once you see the map.

Don’t post names yet! But I want you to start thinking of them.

We’ll put up the .JPG image soon as part of a contest, and there’ll be a prize selected at random from entrants.

The names for islands we have so far



Jackal republic

Redback (Whaler)


So, watch this space!

No, LIFE. Not yet.

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