Fawn Liebowitz Dies


WOUNDED DEER, Massachusetts – Emily Dickinson College sophomore Fawn Liebowitz died suddenly last week in a kiln explosion on campus. Liebowitz, 20, a sociology major from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was tragically killed while firing a pot in the new kiln in Sylvia Plath Hall. “Messy” was how Wounded Deer Fire Chief Michael Redman described the scene of the accident. “It was hard to tell the pot shards from the body parts,” said the pyrodefense professional. “She just blew like a frog sucking on a cherry bomb,” Redman added. The cleanup of Plath Hall has been further complicated by a thin coat of glaze that has affixed many of the body parts to the light fixtures and hand railings. In the wake of this tragedy, there has been talk among Emily Dickinson students of renaming Plath Hall to Fawn Hall. Until she was blown to bits, friends would say that Fawn’s best feature was her smile. Her roommate, Shelly Dubinsky (sophomore, primitive cultures), described Fawn as “a special friend who liked to share her thoughts and experiences, and who had a curiosity about life and relationships.” Her long-time boyfriend (they were “engaged to be engaged”), Eric “Otter” Stratton of nearby Faber College, was in shock when he first learned of Fawn’s passing. “I just talked to her last week. She was going to make a pot for me,” Stratton said while attempting to hold back tears. Services have already been held. In lieu of flowers or donations, the family requests that friends express their grief by posting comments on line at: www.myspace.com/crazycueball. CCNN thanks The Blue Republic (www.thebluerepublic.com) for contributing to this iReport.

(Via CNN iReport)

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