Your Ultimate Summer 2010 Movie Trailer

Dramatic movie music lords over this ultimate trailer for this Summer’s movies — and you have to have that turned up to full in order to get the right feel for the excitement that’s getting ready to ensue starting in just a week…

Otherwise this mashup of the movie trailers done by Screenrant will seem a bit out of place. After all, when you go see one of these blockbusters, you can expect to have to strain to hear the dialogue and then cover your ears when that overwhelming wall of sound comes during the effects sequence starts…

Aw hell, just hit play and let the millions of dollars worth of CGI effects flow over you.

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One thought on “Your Ultimate Summer 2010 Movie Trailer”

  1. OK, that’s kinda cool, although I have to say that from the (full) trailers that I’ve already seen, some of those “Summer Blockbusters” are going to totally blow chunks.

    The Perfessor

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