Winning Oscar movie trailer

Yes, you can see that winning movie trailer below.

But first, a few words as to how pointless the film award ceremonies are. The TV ratings for the Oscar Awards has declined quite a bit over the years, and this has led to the network having to cut the advertising rates just to get enough advertisers to air the long drawn out piece of crap that the Oscars have become.

“The academy has a problem here. The show is way too long, and the films this year are not spectacular,” he said. “If this year’s ratings are down, it could be the tipping point and they will have to make changes.”

Seeing as since this quote is from last year, and the ratings were indeed in the crapper again, you’d think the Oscar folks would change something. Well, as you know by now, they did. They added five more spots to the Best Picture, this time including movies that perhaps some of us have actually paid to see at the movie theaters.

This change to the nominating process merely adds to the fact that the whole affair is pretty much a rigged process. The Oscars have been a point to help struggling studios put out movies whose only chance of being seen is the push of the publicity surrounding the Oscar nominating process. Some movies were slated to be huge money losers if they didn’t get the publicity for being at least nominated for an Oscar. They’d get nominated, noticed, and in some cases rebooked at the local art cinema to handle demand of those newly introduced to this “potentially important” movie. Now, with the internet being the new way of getting these small films — and even cooler, mere concepts of small films — seen, the publicity surrounding the Oscars isn’t quite as important. So, in a way, not only is the internet helping to kill off print media such as newspapers, but it’s also making less important the mere idea of the Oscars as the way that small films with strong ideas become profitable.

Back when I used to actually pay attention to the Oscars, I couldn’t help but weigh the candidates for Best Picture, or Best Actor, and wonder if they won because of their politically correct stance on a topical subject.

Or even better, that nod to the actor who never got nominated but whose work over the decades deserved something.

Remember that when you watch this meta trailer for the Oscar nominated film below.

To make clear what you’re about to watch, every line or piece of text or dialogue (including the opening credits) doesn’t say anything, but instead says what it’s supposed to say. The catch phrase for the “impaired” actor is indeed “Catch Phrase!” These are the tropes that make an Oscar worthy movie.

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  1. Funny thing, I had (quite literally), just seen this trailer prior to Walt having posted it. Also, ABC just cut the feed to my cable company (Cablevision of CT) over a pricing dispute. According to Cablevision, ABC wanted to jack the rate by some $40 million, which Cablevision wouldn’t pay (or, more precisely, wouldn’t pass along to its paying subscribers), so now we get to watch this instead of the Oscars.

    Luckily, WTNH in New Haven, CT (and the local ABC scumbag affiliate) is still supplying us with a feed, so I will get to watch the Oscars, after all.

    The Perfessor

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