Why the world didn’t end “yesterday”

OK, this is pretty interesting. NASA (the National Aeronautics Space Agency) is so confident that all the hub-bub about the Mayan Apocalypse of 12/21/2012 is so much horse ka-ka that it preparesd a video explaining why tio is so much horse ka-ka. however, for some reason the agency has already released the video as an ‘I told ya so’ to all of the log-heads who listen to such clap-trap, and the Agency released the video a full 10 days early. The space agency is so confident the world will go on after December 21 that it’s already produced and released a video explaining why we didn’t end.

The video details how the Mayan calendar doesn’t predict the end of the world before we get to see another episode of “Game of Thrones.” But for some reason, the space agency has opted to release the video 10 days early. Perhaps someone at NASA isn’t so sure we’d be able to watch it on December 22 after all?

(courtesy of NASA via Cnet)

So, there! You have to pay your bills after all!

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