Whoo Hoo! It’s our Birthday!

Hey it almost got away from us!

Cuppacafe has been up and running for over a year (Feb 4, 2005, to be precise)! That’s right, we’ve been entertaining ourselves you for well over a year.

Man doesn’t time fly when your having fun.

Especially when you’ve been drinking heavy for much of that time.

I say we get drunk and blow the crap out of stuff to celebrate!

The Perfessor

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The Perfessor

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2 thoughts on “Whoo Hoo! It’s our Birthday!”

  1. Well, some folks will realize that while the Pop Culture Assassination Project is a year old, Cuppacafe has been around for sometime before that.

    Cuppacafe was registered by me May15, 1999, several months after my oldest registration, Thunderagents.com

    But that’s just trivia, isn’t it?

    Thanks, Perfessor, for making it a terrific year!

  2. Sorry good Buddy, couldn’t quite hear you over all of the explosions!

    Oh yeah, thanks for having me along for the ride! It’s been a hoot!

    The Perfessor

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