What’s all this about a hockey stick?

All that chatter about global warming make your head hurt?

Well, here’s a summary on a crucial part of it that’s given in a fairly easy to understand manner. For those that haven’t been playing along, the famous hockey stick of rising temperatures has been discounted a bit. What was originally published as a “Oh My God We’re All Going To Die” kind of warming temperature chart was eventually shown to have been constructed out of bad statistics.

Don’t get me wrong. The earth could be frying to a crisp by this time next year — it’s just that there’s not a whole lot of historical evidence for a steady state climate leading up to our modern temperature rise we’ve been going through for the last 125 years or so.

So, this post isn’t directly about all the other evidence out there pointing one way or the other on the debate about the climate — it’s just to show you a video of Ross McKitrick chatting on how the hockey stick came about, and the way it was used, abused, and later partially dismantled.

It’s a little over 7 minutes long, and worth your time if you’re interested in global warming at all. Please try to ignore the news show host guy, who continually tries to play up the sensational nature of the bad science. The host sounds like he’s trying to get a gig on Fox News…

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Ross McKitrick did mention his book about global warming, called Taken By Storm that came out back in 2002. It’s not going to have the discussion of the dismantling of the hockey stick’s veracity, what he talks about in the above video.

If you want what I’ve been reading on the topic of hockey sticks, try this The Hockey Stick Illusion. It’s a sober read.

No matter what position you hold on the global warming debate, you want the science to be spot on, and not fudged. Since you can’t test many of the conclusions drawn by some of the climate scientists, you have to test their methods and statistical models. Some of the statistics used to support a cool Medieval Warming Period have been shown to use methods that are just not accepted as valid.

There are many valid sets of data that point to a warming world. They’re just not as compelling, I’m afraid.

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