Wavey Rancheros wants a late night gig

If you haven’t seen Craig Ferguson’s show, then let me introduce you to Wavey Rancheros. Though Craig recently had an all puppet episode, and then later promised the puppets would go away, Wavey is back.

I like Wavey. He’s a fun puppet. Wavey tries to have a Louisiana Cajun accent, but the failure of that accent is funnier than the actual coonass accent Wavey would have, if, in fact, Wavey wasn’t a puppet with short stubby arms on the hand of a Scottish comedian. or something.

Anyway, Wavey is talking about getting in the race to have a late night talk show. And the lying thing.

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And the word at the end bleeped out is [spoiler]cocksuckers[/spoiler]

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One thought on “Wavey Rancheros wants a late night gig”

  1. The bit at the end where he calls the TV execs slimy [Censored] reminds me of the bit where a bunny and a snake, both of whom are blind, run into each other in the woods. they both agree to check the other out in order for each of them to learn what they are.

    After sliming over the rabbit, the snake says, “You have a soft fur, long floppy ears, and a little tail. You must be a rabbit.”

    Next the rabbit checks out the snake, “You are scaly, oily, and have no ears. You are a radio programing exe.”

    Yeah, it’s a radio joke, but it still stands up here.

    The Perfessor

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