Upgrade to WordPress 1.5 complete

Painless and easy.

“I like it when a plan comes together”
-That guy on the A-Team

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6 thoughts on “Upgrade to WordPress 1.5 complete”

  1. Just seeing how the comments work. I got mine up tonight, but I’m having to do a lot of tweaking to the templates to get everything to function. *sigh*

  2. Congrats, Sylvia! I suspect your original problems had to do with that pesky .htaccess file. Deleting that seems to be the issue with a lot of upgrades.

    I note that the upgrade gives you this primary template, and then REcopies it over to a NAMED template and assumes you will tweak that. In other words, one for backup, and one for tweaking. Very sharp!

    I know you have a long way to go with your setup, but with this one, I wasn’t happy with the style I was using, anyway.

    Good luck, and I’ll take a look after my coffee! I still have Alison’s to upgrade!

  3. I’m adding you to my sidebar today. :D If that’s not okay, let me know. I told one of the developers that their tamba2 instructions list the files to be deleted, but don’t inculde the .htaccess file. It is obviously a big oversite, because after I posted for help, others followed the thread and found that the problem was fixed when they rebuilt their .htaccess file too.

    I also found that my comments page was non-functional. A quick run through the forums confirmed that if the old template doesn’t work you have to switch to the new one. I did and then had to hack it with all my plug-ins. Today I have to go through all the plug-ins, visit their information and see how many files needed a hack. I started completely over except for the wp-images file, plug-ins, and the config. Good luck with Alison’s upgrade! :D

  4. *sigh* I’m one of the guinea pigs. LOL

    Be forewarned, the new WP has a backdoor entry for spammers and they’ve discovered it already. They’re getting past my auth image plug-in and the auto-close comments plug-in is non-functional in 1.5 I’ve also set the blog to deny comments without a valid email but all the spam I’m getting has no email addy. We’ve been going back and forth over this on the forums.

    I went to bed at 1 am. When I woke up at 8am I already had well over 100 pieces of spam.

  5. That’s terrible, Sylvia! I spent a few hours last night playing around with a variety of plugins, and had very poor luck and thought I’d wait a bit to see how things shook out. Now I know.

    Mica’s blog (still 1.2) got a few dozen comment-spams just yesterday, but the blacklist plugin worked on all but two. Seeing as how I can’t get any of the plugins to function on 1.5, I’ll be waiting to see which ones work and HOW.

    Do me a huge favor and keep track of the ones that you can get to work.

    Nobody I work with gets an upgrade until I can get everyplugin working on this blog.

  6. Okay, I reinstalled the autoclose comments (same exact plug-in) and now it works, so the spam is stopped for now, although I’ve read on the boards that some people are getting spam even with their comments turned off. The “subscribe to comments” is non-functional in 1.5 as is “e-mail posts”. Navigational links on the comments page is also non-functional, but this could just be my blog. When I try to use them I get errors. The backup plugin was upgraded for 1.5, but I haven’t run it yet so not sure if it works or not. So far, all other plugins appear to be working, but I’ll keep you posted. Did you get my e-mail about phpbb upgrading?

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