OK, we joke quite a bit about the Zombie Apocalypse here at the Cafe, and yea, it is all in good fun (Hey, even the CDC issued a warning about zombie preparedness!), but you know, we really don’t believe it…or do we?

Well, just today we saw this image

and wondered WTF? At first we passed it off as just random Facebook silliness, but then we saw this posting:

Grab Your Boomstick: The Zombie Apocalypse May Actually Be Upon Us

By now we’ve all seen the awful, awful story about the Florida man who was shot to death by police for refusing to stop chewing on another man’s face.

We joked around about it being the canary in the mine shaft of an impending zombie apocalypse. But as Tumblr blogger “I Hope Rick Santorum” helpfully points out in an appropriately viral post, this latest incident is not so much a warning shot as it is another in a disconcertingly intensifying stream of zombie-invoking headlines — all from the past two weeks, and all from the Sunshine State.

It could be the Mayan calender prophecies; it could be that truth is stranger than fiction; hey, it could all be an elaborate hoax, or even entirely explainable (as NOT a zombie apocalypse), but well, we thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

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