Those Dogs Don’t Hunt

But they play mighty fine!

Thats no horse!

The two smaller dogs are brother and sister, playing with a Great Dane. It was Great Dane day at the dog park, or at least informally so, as about seven Great Danes showed up dragging their masters with them this past Saturday.

hunting nothing in particular

This dog park isn’t drained very well. That’s why it’s a dog park. It’s too close to the reservoir in Western Harris county to be used for anything, so puddles stay for a long time.

Here’s some more puddling and dogs chasing around.
I included this because Geisha the black dog with the brown legs in the foreground, is running… normally?
Geisha’s knees have never been normal, I’m afraid. But recently, she’s shown some improvement, and as you can see here, is running with the big dogs.

Geisha in foreground, running... normally?

When the Great Danes mix it up, it’s like one of those monster movies where everything around the monsters is much smaller… in this case, every other dog. This was all play for the dogs, and the Great Danes were actually shy and chasing each other and being chased by the smaller dogs.

Clash Of The Titans

You are supposed to go AROUND the kid!

I took a few pictures of this next one, because Tobi, the white and black dog in this (and Snicker’s brother) was obsessed with the dog with the red collar and chased it everywhere.

This one loved leaping

Tobi has a obsession with the danes

You see, Tobi may be confused with his sexuality. He likes boy dogs. A lot.

Particularly one part of the male dog anatomy.

Much to the surprise and chagrin of the male dog being sniffed out…

Dont lick me there, bro!

Some dogs are satisfied with butt sniffing. Tobi wants more.

Tobi on the far left, licking the dane on the run

And the dane was going to go to great lengths to run away from Tobi’s obsession.

leaping dane!

dogs in light and shadow

Tobi will not take NO for an answer

And on it went. I won’t tell you how this strange love story ended, because some things are personal.

I’ll post one or two more pics from Saturday in another post, because one of them involves an invisible JetSki which is worth its own post.

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  1. I never realized how small Tobi was until I saw these pics. A few of them made me laugh really hard. :)

  2. Two things:

    1) You had best watch out with these types of photos and commentary as some politician may try to shut down this site due to “dog porn”.

    2) I’m not sure I like having the comment link at the top of the post, as it requires constant up-and-down scrolling to make my halfwitty point.

    The Perfessor

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