There are three kinds of lies…

Mark Twain told us there art three kinds of lies, 1) lies, 2) dammed lies, 3) statistics.

This story is proof of Twain’s statement. because the underlying myth of the story is that half of all marriages wind up in divorce. This is, simply put, pure BS because the statistic itself is totally bogus. You see, the way the stat is determined is by simply counting the number of marriages and the number of divorces in any given year, in any given geographic or demographic area. (i.e.; in 2009 (in CT, among 20somethings), 10,000 people were married, and 5,000 were divorced: hence, half of all marriages end in divorce.)

What the stat simply does not do, is take into account is on-going marriages from previous years.

In this regard, it is precisely like attempting to determine population growth by counting just births and deaths in the same fashion as above. (in 2009 (in CT, among 20somethings), 10,000 people were born and 5,000 people died: hence, half of everyone born is immortal).

Yeah, I thought you’d see it my way.

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