The Fringe Friday Death March – a promo of doom

Fringe, my favorite TV show of the moment, is being moved to the Fox Friday Death Slot.
No show lasts long on Fox here.

Putting a Fox show on Friday night is like kissing your great-grandmother goodnight, and then after she’s gone to bed, put the bed on a raft and float her down the river. Nobody will know where she is, and eventually she’ll be surrounded by great-grandmother eating sharks. Hey, don’t look at me like that!

Anyway, the marketers at Fox have put together this little promotion to celebrate Death — and by celebrating it, perhaps forestalling it.

Bring out your dead! But please, no zombies!

The final quote, provided by one of the “Watchers”:

“It has begun. I have set everything in motion”

portends the beginning of the end. We’ll see how much life this show has left in it.

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