The end of Geekdom!

I may be perhaps a tad premature, but I’m officially declaring this past weekend to mark the end of Geekdom. That’s right you read that correctly. You may ask me why I’ve made such a harsh pronouncement, any I’ll be happy to tell you. The numbers for the weekend movies came out and well, The Vow (a chick flick) came in at #1 with $41,700,000 in ticket sales, while the re-release of Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D cam in fourth with only $23,000,000 in sales. (Box office Mojo) sure Vow was playing in 300 more theaters, but still.

I can only assume that there are more teenage girls than aging sci-fi geeks, which clearly signals the end of the age of the geek. I suggest that you all turn to the SyFy Channel, and drown your sorrows in a grape Nehi.

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