The continuing healthcare debate

I have to tell you that I’m constantly amazed that Right Wing Christians have no problem enforcing their religious beliefs on others, but when a non-Christian government wants to enforce their beliefs on everyone, that is somehow wrong.

“You’ve confused a war on your religion with not getting everything you want.” Jon Stewart “…Not everything goes your way”

I want someone to ask the Rick Santorum’s of the GOP would Jewish politicians be allowed to enact laws that force everyone to eat Kosher, circumcise their male children, and not work on Shabbat? Could a Mormon politician decide to go back to multiple wives and force everyone to do so as well? Could Islamic politicians force everyone to pray five times a day facing Mecca? Could an Atheistic leader ban all forms of

If the answer is no to any of those questions, how is it that he, as a Christian propose to enforce Christian laws?
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