That’s all she wrote

I guess when you’ve been “fired” (especially to the tune of $30 million) it is time to bring out the masturbating bear.

I don’t want Conan, not before he took over the Tonight Show, not since he took over the show, and probably not after he winds up where he is going to go (probably Fox), so I completely don’t get the whole Masturbating Bear bit. I do, however, understand that if you make less money than the guy who used to have your job, and he is still available to come back and make the money for the company that you can’t seem to make, then you probably should just shut the eff up, and slink off into the night. Still, 30 Mill is 30 mill, and that ain’t a bad “Pay or Play” clause to have in your contract.

Still, there is this side of the argument.

Needless to say, this SNL bit is probably the funniest take on the entire matter.

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One thought on “That’s all she wrote”

  1. The Masterbating Bear is brilliant!

    If you have an IQ of a Afghan Hound… in heat.

    Seriously, Conan can take his money and leave. I don’t watch Jay, I don’t watch Conan, I ever so rarely watch Letterman, but I try to catch Ferguson whenever I can. We already KNEW that the execs at NBC were idiots, but this proves it. Not that they fired Conan, but that they didn’t let him leave five years ago. NBC execs actually thought Conan was going to be good. Good like “Better than five years ago” Conan. Turns out, Conan is exactly as popular as he was five years ago. Which meant that when Conan took over for Leno, Conan’s ratings weren’t good enough for the show to break even. And Conan’s humor, which we got to see in the first clip above, hasn’t garnered any more audience share.

    Jon Stewart’s maid could pick up better ratings than Conan.

    But the Conan lovers will only have to wait until September 1st to prove how much they love him.

    I predict about two years in whatever slot he ends up with, should he choose to try to star on TV again. That’s about as long as he has… unless he plans on a special show on the SPIKE TV network at midnight…

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