Have yourself a Zombie little Christmas

Knowing Walt’s love of all things Zombie, and to celebrate our new (holiday) skin, I thought I’d post this pic.

Brains! I want Brains!
Brains! I want Brains!

Have fun, folks!

The Perfessor

Russian Zombie Attack

And now for something completely different. Now that I’m back on the internets, I can take in the wonderfully bizarre.

Via the science fiction blog io9.com, here’s a Metallica music video for you.

It’s an alternate reality version of the 1908 blast near Tunguska, Russia. Russians have discovered a “spore” that was carried to earth with the cometary fragments, and that spore has amazing properties.

Can anyone say, “Zombies”? I knew that you could.

The nine minute long video has subtitles that tell the tale, and the video is certainly a decent view if you like your zombie movies straight from the reels of a 50s Sci-Fi flick. A little confusing on the facts, but zombie fans have never let a few logic points stand in their way of enjoying Zombie Madness…

Sound req’d for Metallica song, “All Nightmare Long” and some filler news reports at the end…