No more bullies

For whatever reason, the problem of bullies seems to fast becoming an epidemic whether it is in school, at work, in politics, on TV. For whatever reason people seem to think that it is OK to push other around, shout them down, and generally make their lives miserable. The motivations for bullies is as varied as there are bullies, but the reason stand up and stop them is but a single reason. it is wrong, and the only way to get them to stop is to stand up and face them down. Here is the story of a young girl in Westport CT who did just that.

A video posted on YouTube by an eighth-grade Bedford Middle School student — in which she pleads for an end to the bullying that she says she has suffered — is gaining widespread attention, both online and from local school officials.

The 13-year-old girl, who identifies herself only as “Alye,” is bathed in an eerie orange light in the nearly three-minute video she titled, “Words are Worse than Sticks and Stones.” It was posted March 14 on the popular video website. To see the video go to

The video went viral and Alye has since gone on to speak out on response to her anti-bullying video on WTNH-TV in New Haven.

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