Can you match skills with the Joker and …

Can you match skills with the Joker and The Batman break dancing? Play by choosing either the Joker or the Batman from within the YouTube video. Then another video plays, and you hit the red button when the appropriate choice (of letters matching the dance moves) comes up.

Sound req’d for coolness of the 90s revisited…

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Rescue Rangers, in miniature

Using a TiltShift method, this water rescue is both good and fake, in more ways than one.

Sound req’d for the cool way it makes the video seem surreal.

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Australia-based photographer Keith Loutit is responsible for this, and is doing this all over Sydney Australia. The method of shooting is what makes it seem like they’re little toy people. And in this case, it’s a little toy helicopter on a training exercise that you get to see rescue a little toy fisherman who’s fallen into the ocean.

[via Palafo and Gawker]

Slow motion water

More slow motion water balloon work, from a maker of bubbly water.

Nice music to trip on by when watching.

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Slow Motion Blue

Every time I see some slow motion video, I kind of wonder about the nature of things. How we miss the little things when we are looking at the bigger picture. When we slow things down, it’s easier to see all of what’s going on — but at the same time, we have another raft of mysteries pop up.

Here for your Sunday viewing pleasure…

The mystery of the Blue Man and the colored paint

Blue Thousand and One from Blue Man Group HD on Vimeo.

Does this girl have bed hair? (video)

See what goes viral when I’m not looking? The following is a live action animation, and while it takes a minute to get going, it’s just sweet.

“Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavoie and the video was shot using 3225 still photos.
The end effect is simple and, well, elegant.

If you haven’t seen this, you should. Sound is req’d for the overall feel.

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Just Add Water and go! (vid)

It’s cute, it’s stupid. Don’t worry, it’s over quick enough. Sound not req’d.

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