Mystery Team movie trailer

Every so often a little movie makes a huge splash.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those movies.

This movie trailer looks like it’s promoting an after school special — until the bit about the drugs and the guns and the dog urine comes pouring out.

This is one of those “What would happen if we rebooted Encyclopedia Brown and crossed it with Napoleon Dynomite?”

NSFW trailer (language) after the break

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Captain America wannabe or homoerotic po…

Captain America wannabe or homoerotic posturing? Wait, it’s both!

sound not req’d for heroic posing music

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The winner of American Idol is…

You may not care to watch the show, but this guy is probably the best singer and future rock band frontman since Freddie Mercury of Queen.

While a lot of folks are comparing his androgenous looks to Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie, the looks obscure the fact that this guy has charisma and talent in abundance. I think it’s funny that Adam Lambert has already gone through his dramatic phase, making a living singing in stage productions. There’s little need for the extra dramatics, because he’s already done the understudy bit. Going to the stage would be a step back for Lambert now.

The only thing about talented people with the flair for the dramatic is that you just don’t know who’s under the mask. (That way with a lot of folks, true!) So, we don’t know how this guy is going to turn out.

Anyway, give a listen to the upper register of this singer if you haven’t heard this already.

Mad World on Vimeo.

American Idol

It’s like MadMax, only without the craz…

It’s like MadMax, only without the crazy guy in the leather fetish mask

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Keith Olberman and Miss California’s boobies

So, I see that Carrie Prejean was on all three morning shows this morning, defending her outrage against photographers who photographed her boobies again and again and released those photos not knowing that Miss Prejean was going to use her new breast implants to sell an antigay political message.

Here’s Keith Olberman with his new WTF!? moment

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I’m convinced that Miss Prejean kept her position in the Donald Trump organization primarily on her skills sucking various parts of Donald Trump’s anatomy.

Society for Geek Advancement video

My name is Walt Stone, and I’m a geek.

Watch this, and see if your favorite geek is on this video

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