Vampyres, vampyres everywhere and not a one to eat

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into children’s television, we get this…

Yeah, we had fun with it too. It must be “Shock”-tober, eh?

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The (real) Twilight Saga

I was going to make a joke here, but then I figured, why bother?

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Take a Bite out of this!

daybreakers-posterSo, I just saw a clip for a new Vampire flick. according to the info I have the film takes place in the year 2019, after a plague has transformed most of the human race into vampires. In this über-stylized futuristic world of tomorrow vampires are the dominate race and run everything, while humans are on the verge of extinction. However, faced with imminent starvation, a vampire (Ethan Hawk) turns to a human (Willem Dafoe) and his band of the last remaining humans for help. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind. The film is called Daybreakers and is written and directed by Peter and Michael Spierig. The film stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.

you can watch the trailer here (I suggest you do, as it is wicked-cool, sexy fun—unfortunately there is no embedding function).


While I’m admittedly more Werewülf than Vampyre, this looks like a film that I’m going to want to catch.

Or you could watch the trailer here (just got the code—thanks Walt)

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Bite Me!

Putting the Bite on you
Putting the Bite on you
As our good buddy Walt will tell you, Vampires are all the rage. There is hardly a week that goes by where he doesn’t tell me about some writer who has turned blood-sucking into high art and good-old fun. From Twilight, to Moonlight, to L.A. Banks, to J.R. Ward, and of course there’s Blade. Anyway, last week, when I was in my local comic shop (A Timeless Journey), I came across a giveaway comicbook of TrueBlood the new HBO series about, well Vampires.

From the (well-produced) Top Cow comicbook, I learned that the premise of the series is about how the creation of a synthetic blood substitute that replicates all of the nutrients that are found in real blood has quite literally changed the way the vampire community deals with the human world, because now vampires no longer have to hunt for food. With humans no longer food, a shaky truce evolves between the two species, and, well, that totally changes the dynamic between the two races.

Sugar and Spice, and ready to Bite!
Sugar and Spice, and ready to Bite!
I’m not so much steeped in this mythology, but I do understand the dynamic, and from what I saw in the comic, the series looks interest. Still, as I don’t subscribe to HBO, I just may follow along with the comic series (which I believe will be forthcoming). Still, I’m more about Werewülves than Vampyres, but I’m an equal opportunity sort of guy, so — what the heck — check it out.

If Vampires are your thing, than any of the links above can take you to a dark place full of bloodlust, if — however, you want to take a different type of walk on the wild side, you just might want to take a peek at Psychosis! which is an illustrated horor anthology published by Guild Works Productions.

Psychosis! is an on-going 56-page, B&W, horror anthology. The main theme each issue involves a number of relevant looks at the fears that affect men and women in the 21st Century. Contributors to the title come from a number of different backgrounds and are a true mix of established talent along with enthusiastic younger talent cutting their teeth on powerful themes. Each issue features five eight-page stories, prose stories. Welcome to our world — welcome to our fears…

Somewhere between Madness and Mayhem lies…Psychosis!

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The Earth is hollow and I have touched the Sky

(Anyone besides me remember that classic Star Trek title?)

So, you are walking around (above ground) and you think that below your feet is just dirt and stuff, would it surprise you if you were to learn that there is a city down there? Well, precisely that has occurred in Leavenworth, Kansas:

For years, residents of Leavenworth, Kansas, have been unknowingly walking around above an underground city, and no one seems to know who created it or why. Windows, doors, and narrow paths beneath a title company at South Fourth and Delaware streets lead to storefronts stretching several city blocks and perhaps beyond.

Personally, I’m thinking that Vampyres or Werewülves lived down there, but only because it makes for a better story.

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The Vampyres have it!

pinTwilight is Coming! Or at least that is what Walt, and Entertainment Weekly keeps telling me. It seems that every time I talk to him these days he goes on and on about the extreme presence of the abundance of vampires in adult fiction these days. Generally speaking I tend to “yeah, yeah, yeah.” him (Walt likes to talk, and I appease him by pretending to listen).

Surprisingly enough, he apparently knows what he is talking about this time.

A week or so back, my daughter when to a Breaking Dawn book party at the local Borders. The interesting part about this, is that daughter has never read any of the Twilight books, and was essentially turned on to them by a couple of her friends who have (she went for the social aspect of the event — a midnight book party — with a promise from one of her friends to loan her the first book in the series).

Both of these were very cool for me. I never got into the Harry Potter books (and the film series never did anything to enhance my desire to read the books), but I’m thinking that I just might want to give Twilight a try.

Oh, yeah, the button at the top of this post is a pin that she got for attending the midnight book party the night that Breaking Dawn came out.

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