Icefall: The Clearsky Chronicles cover reveal

The cover of our ICEFALL (THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES #1) Episodes 1-6

Cover design by Joey Hi Fi

Icefall: The Clearsky Chronicles Episodes 1-6 cover
The Clearsky Chronicles
Episodes 1-6
Walt Stone and Mica Stone authors


Joey Hi Fi is an award winning artist and has done several other well known Sci Fi covers. We are extremely fortunate to have him design our cover.

Icefall premieres in ebook form Jan 31st at all major retailers, and in print form shortly thereafter.

What’s icefall about?

Here’s the short version

In this epic YA sci-fi adventure by Walt and Mica Stone, three trading post drivers save four MEDcadets trapped in a runaway long coach only to discover the two groups are on opposites sides of a plot to save Earth… and all mankind.

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A world frozen for two hundred years, now on the verge of dying. A centuries-old plan to deliver Earth from extinction. Will the deep-space maneuver actually save the planet? Or will it finish off what remains of mankind?

Odessa, a nineteen-year-old MEDcadet, witnesses the murder of her anatomy professor and finds herself in fear for her life. Fighting recurring panic attacks while sailing from her home on Rhone—the fortified ark created by Cerebus—across the Eastern Sea to Earthland, Odessa manages to keep what she’s seen to herself. To her horror, however, when the vessel docks, she and her podmates are arrested by the very security force who committed the crime.

Reynal Królik, an eighteen-year-old trading post sled driver on Earthland, longs for Clearsky, though he’s never known anything but the gray shroud that darkens the atmosphere. After he and his fellow messengers foil an assassin’s attempt to kill Odessa and her companions, he whisks them away, only to discover he and she are tangled up on opposite sides of the same secret mission to slam an asteroid into Earth—one for which Rey will be the asteroid driver.

Rey and Odessa—along with their friends and a dangerous outlaw—race against time to escape Earthland, but can they evade Cerebus’ flagship war zeppelin in order for Rey to complete the task for which he was destined? A destiny Odessa was taught to deny and will fight to prevent?

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Icefall is coming

The title plate of our new book.