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Batman Rules

Personally, I think that this is very cool, as it will ensure that more funnybook films will be made, and that the producers of the film will (hopefully) be faithful to the mood and design of the comics themselves (no more “Pow!” “Bam!” “Zap!” of the Batman TV show. No more bat suits with nipples and codpieces, and no more stunt casting of comedians because these are “funny” books.

In spite of my Spider-Man leanings, I am a fan of The Batman (especially when he is done right), and this time he is is done very right. For my take on the film, check out Suspension of Belief, my film column.

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THE DARK KNIGHT: Walt’s Quick Review – Spoiler Free

Having part of the day off today, I figured I’d take in the midnight showing of THE DARK KNIGHT and after getting out at the lovely hour of 3AM this morning, figured sleep was the better part of valor and my initial thoughts about the movie got lost in slumberland. The result of all this being that this quick review isn’t quite the “first impression” that my other Quick Reviews were.

You know how the website RottenTomatoes will come up with a stellar review for a movie and you’ll discover that you didn’t agree with the consensus of movie critics as to whether the movie was good or bad? That’s the way I am with this movie.

THE DARK KNIGHT was a fantastic movie that I did not enjoy. Well, certainly as much as I should have.

For obvious reasons I won’t go into details as to why I wasn’t thrilled with this movie, but I do think you should give it a watch.

Film school students will write term papers about this movie. Psychologists will pen their thoughts on this movie, comparing the events in this to those in real life. In short, this will end up being an important movie, and it’s one that will easily stand the test of time. It will be remembered as one of the more memorable super-hero movies ever made, right up there with the first Superman movie.

The movie isn’t cheesy. Dragging in parts, but only if you think movies should be no longer than 90 minutes. This movie is long, and deservedly so. If you do go see this, there’s not any real good slow spot to leave to go to the bathroom, so be warned. Not because there’s non-stop action — no, it’s because you won’t want to miss what’s going on up on the screen. (EDIT: I take that back, the scene with the Police Van being chased underground is five minutes too long, and you can time a break then.)

Do not take your children to see this movie. It’s not a super-hero movie for them. It’s not the visuals that will frighten them. It’s the theme of death and honor that they just won’t understand.

Do not see this movie if you didn’t really pay attention to the previous Batman movie. The plot and motivations are completely based on BATMAN BEGINS. This movie simply expands most of the concepts and takes them to their next phase of development. Psychologically, the movies are joined.

I went with a jazzed up crowd that were ready to hoot and holler at the screen, and it turns out very few did.

The movie is serious, and the characters in the movie know this, and make a point of telling you this. At the end of the movie, a group in one corner figured they had to start applauding, but the applause did not catch on.

A lot of folks will talk about various performances, and this movie will certainly be up for an Oscar nomination or three.

It’s probably the best movie I ever saw that I wish I could un-see.