The crossover you didn’t expect…

ET & Yoda

Betcha didn’t see that one coming!

The Perfessor

Here is your Brave New World!


The Perfessor!

I’ll Drink to that!

Everybody needs to believe in something…

Qui-Gon's Gin

…I believe that I’ll have another drink!.

The Perfessor

Wait, start over again…

Cinco De Mayo

The Perfessor

Nerd love!

Patton Oswalt stopped by the set of Parks and Recreation recently and improvised this hilarious example by talking entirely off the top of his head for eight minutes straight about what he thinks the plot of the new “Star Wars” movie should be.

This is hilarious!

The Perfessor

Star Wars rock band

As seen on an inside wall of a Mexican restaurant.

No, this makes no sense to me, either.