How Santa came to be, explained

This is one of those fact filled videos that simply explains, in plain words, how Santa came to be. Starting with the Nordic countries, mashing up England’s Father Christmas, and then passed through the filter of America’s fiction engine, Santa has been homogenized for worldwide distribution. Here, C.P.G.Grey says this much better.

A Brief History of Santa –

It just needs to be said…

I’ve been wearing a Santa Hat, Santa earring, and Chrismas-themed suspenders (with Santa buttons on it) for the past two weeks,and people STILL insist on saying “Happy Holidays” to me. (although one woman did look at me, laugh and state “well I guess that it’s OK to say Merry Christmas to you.”)

So with today being Festivus, and Christmas being just 2 days away I wanted to say this…

The Perfessor