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First Served, First Come

Remember those old Roman orgies? Here’s just a sample of what it could have been like

No Bra Day is coming

Ahh, life is good!

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Two stories made for each other…

As you folk already know, we here at Cuppacafe Central spend most of our day combing through the Net looking for interesting stories for you folk to read that will make you shake your head and go “WTF?” Well, here are a couple of unrelated stories that we felt just needed to belong with each other.

No Work for Man With Giant Sex Organ

(Jan. 1) — The job market is so bad these days, even the man reputed to have the world’s largest penis can’t find work.

Jonah Falcon, a 39-year-old New Yorker, has what many men have wished for. But has it made him happy? Or rich?

A 1999 HBO documentary brought Falcon enduring notoriety, at least in some circles. His manly parts, in an aroused state, were measured at 13.5 inches — the longest ever recorded on film.

That’s the length of an average wine bottle, certainly something a lot of guys would brag about.

But now, a decade later, Falcon is between jobs, living temporarily in his mother’s Manhattan apartment and looking for work as an actor and writer.

Apparently he want’s to be taken seriously as an actor, so he simply won’t do porn. Still, there is this story…

Wanted: Porn show host

The Jobcentre is advertising an unusual position – the ‘semi-nude’ host of a pornographic TV channel.

The ad says the job ‘may cause embarrassment to some people’ but pays £220 per shift, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The winning applicant will work three days a week from 9pm until 5am but will have no pension entitlement.

Is it just me, or should someone introduce these two?

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Smarter girls have far better sex lives …

Smarter girls have far better sex lives

Ya know, I love a smart girl

You can’t make this stuff up!

air-sexWell, technically, yes you can, but…well, this is more entertaining.

Many, many years ago, I was attending a Grateful Dead concert, and while I was outside, and before I got into the show itself, I spotted a guy who was willing to trade free Air Guitar lessons for a ticket to the show. Needless to say, I didn’t have an extra ticket, but I was so taken by his blatant come-on that had I an extra ticket, I probably would have traded him one.

Anyway, that’s not what I am talking about here, but it very well could be. You see, there is a group of folk who practice, well, “Air Sex”.

“Air Sex is sort of like Air Guitar,” said Tim League, founder of the Alamo Drafthouse and the Air Sex World Championship, “except instead of pretending to play an invisible guitar on stage, contestants get up there and pretend to have sex with someone who isn’t there. With their clothes on, typically. They pick a song to perform to and then have two minutes to impress the judges with their overall Airness.”

Some folk just don’t know what to do with themselves.

Personally, I need a drink.

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