Trump gets Gibbs-smacked by late-nite Comics

If you missed it at the Correspondents dinner, The Donald was slapped around pretty good by Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers. Well, in an after-the-fact, let’s-all-jump-on-the-bandwagon, show of solidarity a number of late night comedians figures that it was a free-for-all, and determined to jump in on the fun.

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That’s all she wrote

I guess when you’ve been “fired” (especially to the tune of $30 million) it is time to bring out the masturbating bear.

I don’t want Conan, not before he took over the Tonight Show, not since he took over the show, and probably not after he winds up where he is going to go (probably Fox), so I completely don’t get the whole Masturbating Bear bit. I do, however, understand that if you make less money than the guy who used to have your job, and he is still available to come back and make the money for the company that you can’t seem to make, then you probably should just shut the eff up, and slink off into the night. Still, 30 Mill is 30 mill, and that ain’t a bad “Pay or Play” clause to have in your contract.

Still, there is this side of the argument.

Needless to say, this SNL bit is probably the funniest take on the entire matter.

The Perfessor