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Sure we love Spider-Man, and yeah, we have taken a few pot shots at the Broadway play’s numerous problems and delays, (all the while admitting that we’re torn between wanting it to fail and wanting it to succeed) but we especially love when others point out all of the funny stuff related to the show’s excesses:

Saturday Night Live especially has taken more than its fair share of pot shots at the much-maligned Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark but this one is probably one of the best.

…the late-night comedy institution presented the fake law firm of Gublin and Green (right?) focused solely on representing victims of the show, whether you thought it insulted the legacy of Spider-Man or accidentally saw the Green Goblin’s package. Video is below:

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A night worth forgetting

Every once in a while I remember watching the 20th anniversary broadcast of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Chris Rock. For the event, they chose to have basically every cast member and as many of the big stars who passed through the show appear either in the show itself or in the celebrity audience.

What truly made this moment memorable for me was Rock standing there and saying that he was completely awed by being in the presence of so much stellar talent, followed by him observing that it was amazing that so many talented people could have turned out so may truly awful movies.

It is true. In fact it is so true that it is probably safe to say that more bad movies have been spun out of SNL than out of any other single concept ever in the history of motion pictures. On some level, I’m truly stunned that they even allow any more SNL sketches to be developed in to feature-length films. I mean, hasn’t anyone yet realized that virtually anything can be funny for five minutes, but if you try stretching it out for 90 minutes or so, it tends to lose the funny around minute six.

Well, that is precisely what happened with MacGruber. On its surface it is a parody of MacGyver, and while I’m sure that the SNL sketch is funny enough (I’ve never seen the bit), it simply doesn’t play out on the big screen. Further, not only does the entire concept fall flat, but the film itself is badly acted, poorly directed, and well, resembles the train wreck at the beginning of The Fugitive, except it isn’t nearly as interesting.

There was a time that the SNL players referred to themselves as “The Not Ready for Prime Time Players” I think that they should now begin to refer to themselves as “Not Ready for the Movies Players”

Now I know that there are some of you out there who will tell me that even from the trailer you could tell that this movie was going to blow chunks, well so too did I, and there is a reason that I allowed myself to attend a screening (it was free, but even still I feel ripped off), and right now I can’t think of one that validates the amount of time I put into attending.

Still, I do now have a word to describe the worst possible experience possible, and it is MacGruber

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Sorry about any commercials before this little bit about the end of the world — which as everyone knows, occurs in 2012.

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SNL VP Debate Video — Tina Fey wins!

My wife tells me that from her sleep she heard me howl at some point, figuring it was during Saturday Night Live. I knew it was during the opening “VP debate” which I’ve embedded below, but couldn’t remember exactly when, simply because the whole thing is eleven minutes long and I was snickering almost the entire time.

If you hadn’t seen it, or you want to see it again, hit play and wait for the commercial to air (sorry, that’s the price we pay these days). “Biden” is good, but we’re all looking for that Palin bit by Tina, and it hasn’t gotten old yet. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the VP debate, some of the mannerisms and jokes won’t hold the same meaning, but that’s what mocking is all about — it works best for people that know what’s being mocked.

Palin: “Gwen, we don’t know if this climate change whozeewhatsit
is manmade,
or if it’s just a natural part of the End of Days.”

And equal time. Okay, not really.

Biden: “Look, I love John McCain. He’s one of my dearest friends.
But at the same time, he’s also dangerously unbalanced.”

But to sum up:
Thank God for Tina Fey. Pay her lots of money.

After watching it, I knew it was the reference to marriage that made me howl — I won’t spoil that, so you have to watch.

It is Sara Palin Week!

Well, not only was Governor Palin lampooned on SNL once again by Tina Fey, but this time with her own words. Seriously, you have to follow the above link to get to the Youtube video (for some reason it didn’t allow for embedding). The full clip can be seen here on NBC/Saturdaynight live’s site.

What really makes this work is the fact that the real news media is yucking it up over the SNL sketch. Here is Wolf Blitzer weighing in on the clip:

Still, even SNL can’t hold a candle to what the rank and file of the Blogisphere is doing to this national joke. Think I’m kidding? then just take a gander at this very funny (if a tad scatological) YouTube video that my darling wife turned me on to juat last night.

It is a real hoot!

This stuff just gets better and better.

The Perfessor

I can see Russia from my house!

Personally, I missed it, but you have probably saw (or have heard by now), in this past Saturday Night Live’s opening episode, SNL Alum Tina Fey briefly returned to the fold to play Sara Palin alongside her Baby Mama costar and SNL regular Amy Poehler to play Sara Palin and Hilary Clinton to deliver an hilarious non-partisan opening monologue.

For those of us who missed it (or those of you who want to see it again). I’ve clipped it and posted it here (If you chose to follow that link to the SNL site, the video happens after a brief commercial). I urge you all to watch it, no matter what your politics, as it is quite funny.

Oh, if you don’t know what a MILF or Flurge are, you can check those links to find out. (If you are at work, you might want to be careful about looking up MILF.)

Oh, and as long as we are talking about Governor Palin, apparently McCain — in his effort to present her as a fiscal conservative — has said about his running mate, that Palin, had not sought earmarks or attempted top acquire special-interest spending from Congress for Alaska as Governor. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, state records show that Gov. Palin has asked U.S. taxpayers to fund $453 million in specific Alaska projects over the past two years.

These projects include more than $130 million in federal funds that would benefit Alaska’s fishing industry and an additional $9 million to help Alaska oil companies. She also has sought $4.5 million to upgrade an airport on a Bering Sea island that has a year-round population of less than 100.

You can see the rest of that story here (free registration required).

The Journal goes on to say:

In fact, in the current fiscal year, she is seeking $197 million for 31 projects, the records show. In the prior year, her first year in office, she sought $256 million for dozens more projects ranging from research on rockfish and harbor-seal genetics to rural sanitation and obesity prevention. By comparison, her predecessor, Gov. Frank Murkowski, sought more than $350 million in his last year in office.

One of those Earmarks was to the controversial “Bridge to Nowhere”:

The McCain campaign has also come under fire for saying on the stump and in TV ads that Gov. Palin killed the controversial “Bridge to Nowhere,” a $223 million earmark linking the mainland to a sparsely populated island. In fact, she supported the project initially and killed it after it was widely criticized and Congress allowed the state to use the funds for other projects.

The Perfessor