Owlgirls soar!

Holy Moley we have some 37 days to go on our Owlgirls kickstarter and we already like a third of the way to goal. I’m totally psyched!

Owlgirls -- Kicktraq Mini

This is so wicked-cool!

The Perfessor

The Owlgirls Kickstarter has launched!

WantedOK, kids, this is my kickstarter project. I’m the writer of this series that was conceived by Italian artist Rachele Aragno. Rachele was introduced to me by my good friend, Dave Ryan (mastermind behind the War of the Independents), who is also acting as Art Director on the project. I’m the writer. I build the story of the Owlgirls on Rachele’s concept, and have crafted a five-story arc to introduce them.

The first issue is completed, the second issue has been written and is now being illustrated, and I’m starting on crafting the third story now. We have until September 1, 2013 to raise $3,463.00 to get the first issue in print. There are all sorts of rewards for people who assist us in getting this project to market.

For those of you who might not be familiar with Kickstarter, it is a crowd-sourcing, fund-raising venue that allows Independent creators to seek backing from numerous friends and family in small amounts — which is actually easier than attempting to seek larger sums of money from individual backers. The way this works is that we have “X” amount of time to raise “Y” amount of money to fund our project. If we do that, it is off to market. If, however, we fail to raise the required amount of money, then the project is over and no one who pledged money has to come up with that funding.

Needless to say, we are highly confident that we will raise that money and we will get the Owlgirls published.So click over to the link ad start your pledging! (Oh, and thanks!)

My Zombie film!

A couple of weeks ago a comicbook friend of mine got tapped to be in a student short Zombie film, he then dragged me along to be in it with him. This is what the film looks like:

It premiered at ConnectiCon this weekend.

(I’m the guy in the red polo shirt, and my buddy, Joe Martino is the zombie “Bob.”

The Perfessor

Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl are coming!

Yep, you folks read that right, My long-awaited comicbook, Hot Girl and totally Hot Girl is almost here. Brought to you by the Unbelievable talent (and patient) folks over at at Pronto Comics. My comic is being published as a Print on Demand comic over @ Indyplanet.

Print on Demand means that if you order one they will print one and ship it to you. If you order 10, they will print and ship 10. Seriously, how cool is that? Now I’m totally feeling that this is like the coolest thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m wicked psyched over it.

While the comic itself isn’t posted as of yet, I’ve been assured that it will be posted by the end of the week. and that Pronto will have copies at MoCCA Fest (Saturday, April 28 & Sunday, April 29). I’m hoping to be there one day over the weekend, only at the moment I’m not quite sure which day it will be — although I’m currently leaning towards Saturday).

More info to follow as I confirm what my schedule will be for the weekend.

In the mean time, you can preview the first few pages over at the Pronto Webcomic site.

The Perfessor

Today Amazon, Tomorrow Wikipedia, then the World!

Hey kids, check out my new Author’s page over on Amazon.com. Sure, sure I did set it up myself, but it is still kind-a cool anyway.

Seriously, How cool is this?

The Perfessor