If the Republican candidates got shipwrecked like Gilligan’s Island…

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Ginger or Mary Ann?

George Clooney speaks

The Perfessor

GOP Policy

Images that speak for themselves.

And then there is this.

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Eye of Newt

As you know we love Jon Stewart. If there ever was a reason, the two clips on this page from his show last week are the reason why.

He seems to be the only person on TV who is tagging politicians for their dickish ways.

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Why I’m voting Republican

Yep, you read that right.

Yeah, like that.

The Perfessor

And now for something really scary

Republicans in Lansing voted to give a $1.8 billion tax break to rich CEOs and corporate special interests — paid for by cuts to our local schools. Big banks and oil companies got a massive tax break, while our children are being robbed of their opportunity to get the education and training they need to succeed.

Please share your story about how school cuts have affected you and your community — and don’t forget to contact your lawmaker and tell them to support kids, not CEOs.

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