The Culture of Reddit

From PBS’ OFF BOOK [YouTube], here’s a piece on Reddit.

If you’ve never really gone to the Reddit site, this will provide an interesting summary for you.
Mature subject matter and language involved.
Reddit really IS that big. It’s influential. It’s far from perfect.

Joss Whedon interviewed on Reddit

Reddit is a crowd sourced experiment in … well, something. Stuff gets upvoted if the crowd likes it, so usually the best stuff rises to the top.

Often there are requests from the crowd, such as a no questions disallowed Ask Me Anything (AMA), and yesterday Joss Whedon conducted his.

On these AMA threads, there are thousands of comments, but the upvoted subthreads rise to the top. I’ll quote you the best, thus summarizing the funny and the fun.

Note that just the highlighted name comment is from Joss – everyone else is the peanut gallery.

The most important question revolves around everyone’s favorite, Firefly.
Joss has figured out what would happen if he tried to put the band back together:

Yeah, the crew has other lives outside of the fantasy TV world. It’s like kitty wrangling, only with careers.

Talk about your early work: How good was it?

I have to admit I laughed at that.

Here’s a real fan calmly discussing a theme in Whedon’s work:

Don’t we all?

Here’s where Joss answers a question without really answering it… or does he? I’m posting this because the rest of it is funny but true about Whedon:

Here’s a bit of a spoiler on the great internet favorite, Dr. Horrible:

Way too true about Whedon’s work.
(BTW, my ringtone on my wife’s phone is the Bad Horse theme)
If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible, find it. You don’t have to like it, but you should understand how it became popular.

Joss’ feelings about the famous character Doctor Who, and the problems he would take on if he tried writing for the famous Time Lord

Here’s Dollhouse What If:

I disliked the entire Dollhouse show, and it’s when I really jumped off the “Whedon is my God now” bandwagon.
Your mileage may vary.

How hard it is to do a musical:

The last one I’ll post here is about the comic book movie treatment of hot girls who kick ass. While the action is great, the girl usually gets inspected in the press and within the male dominated audience like a piece of meat. This exchange describes things better than I can:

There are more questions and answers and thousands of more comments in the thread located here I am Joss Whedon – AMA. REDDIT LINK