Women who are raped “too much”

Yeah, you read that headline right, apparently Fox News contributor Liz Trotta recently made headlines Sunday when she reacted on the air to a report that there has been a 64% rise in violent sexual assaults in the miltary. Her reaction was, “What did they expect? These people are in close contact.”

Than’s when our guy, Jon Stewart was so shocked by her nonchalance regarding women’s safety, and her implied view that men can’t help but assault their coworkers. that Stewart in turn commented “You know what they say, you can’t make a co-ed omelette without raping a few eggs,” he said, mimicking her audacity.

Stewart was even more “horror-tained” by Trotta’s next remarks regarding military spending. According to her, abuse counseling and response efforts are “bureaucracy” and a waste of money on women who are simply “being raped too much”

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Are Economists the “rape-iest profession going”?

What with Dominique Strauss-Kahn (former head of the International Monetary Fund) up on rape charges in New York, Jon Stewart wonders why Ben Stein (Former Nixon speech writer & TV game show host) was coming to the defense of Strauss-Kahn. Apparently Stein recently wrote that he had never heard of an economist committing rape, so Strauss-Kahn must be innocent.

As you can well imagine, Stewart and his team did just a little bit of research and discovered that well, why don’t you watch the clip and learn that all for yourselves…

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The GOP wants to “redefine” Rape

Yeah, but what exactly do they mean by that? Well, apparently Speaker of the House John Boehner feels that rape is only really rape if it involves force, and so does the new House Republican majority as it now moves to change abortion law. While there is an online petition to stop the bill, Kristen Schaal, Daily Show Sr. Women’s correspondent, doesn’t think hard-earned tax dollars should go to women who have only been rape-ished, and explains to us what “rape with benefits” is all about.

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