President Obama on the Daily Show

Yep, President Obama actually sat in on the Daily Show this past Wednesday, and well, we wanted to share that with you if you missed it (played out in three clips):

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The Perfessor

The President kills ’em Correspondent’s Dinner

You’ve seen the highlights of the President’s stand up comedy, now try the veal! Er, I mean, watch the entire schtick! Tip your waitresses well, and catch all of Barry’s schpiel and following that, heeeeeere’s Jay Leno!

38 minutes of wacka wacka wacka fun fun fun!

UPDATE: The credit to the funny in Obama’s monologue goes to the writers at The Daily Show

YouTube link

Technically, you can’t make fun of anything of substance the President does or says during this — it’s one of those unwritten laws or something. Like running across the pitcher’s mound after a foul ball takes you past 3nd base… But people will do it anyway.

Edjamacation ar gud!

Yeah, Yeah, we love Gibbs-smacking the former Alaskan Governatrix around, but please be aware, that she makes such an easy target of her self. Take this (so called) circle jerk…er contrived interview-cum-lovefest with a seriously smitten interviewer and an adoring brain-dead audience. Still with (apparently) all the prep time in the world, Palin, still couldn’t seem to keep those silly old facts straight in her head, and to needed a cheat-sheet just to get through the event.

Just watch her left hand.

Did you see it? take a second look, this time in bullet-time, er, slow-mo.

and now, for the folks in the cheap seats, here she is looking down.

and now for what she seemed to be looking at on her hand.

And this just a couple of days after she criticized President Obama for his use of a teleprompter. Oh isn’t the use of cameras (by the liberal media) such a problem for this girl?

The Perfessor

Crashing the White House

Obama State Dinner Uninvited GuestsEveryone is buzzing this morning about how a Virginia couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi, somehow managed to get themselves inside a prestegious White House party and meet up with Vice President Joe Biden, White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and the President. According to The NY Times:

The Secret Service is investigating how a couple aspiring to be reality-show celebrities managed to appear at President Obama’s first state dinner without being on the guest list, provoking questions about security at the White House.

While The Daily News News states:

The couple – who have also been courting a reality show – also postponed an appearance on “Larry King Live” set for Monday night. Jones blamed the move on “miscommunication” and insisted the couple are turning down all requests.

Perhaps they could have sealed the deal if they arrived by balloon.

The Perfessor

Kanye West just announced that President…

Kanye West just announced that President Barack Obama’s Presidency is much better than former President George W. Bush….Oh wait, that time he was actually right.

Glen Beck is a Tool

Yeah, that was pushing the envelope, and I’ll admit to never having watched his Fox program, (except for the clips of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert mocking him on their respective shows). Well, it appears that Beck has gone too far, and someone is actually calling him on it.

last week, the web site, reacted to a long line of racial comments by Beck on his show about about President Barack Obama, and managed to knock loose several advertisers from Beck’s program. These advertisers include, Procter & Gamble, Progressive, S.C. Johnson, GEICO, Men’s Wearhouse and — just this morning, Sargento.

“We applaud GEICO and all of the other companies who have stepped forward to pull their ads from Glenn Beck,” said James Rucker, executive director of Color of Change, in a Tuesday media advisory. “Beck’s rhetoric is dangerous to the fabric of our democracy, and we are heartened that so many big companies feel the same way. We won’t stop here — we’re going to continue our fight to see that as many of Beck’s advertisers pull their support as possible.”

needless to say, it is video clips like these which may have something to do with it…

So yea, Beck is something of a tool.

The Perfessor