Vote for me, I’ll set you free…


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Freudian slip?


Ya gotta love it.

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Vote for us, we’ll keep you down!

Can someone tell me why people still vote for these guys?

The Perfessor

Stupid is like a box of chocolates…

…you can keep eating them but you’ll wind up fat and dumb.

Seriously, how stupid, misinformed, gleefully ignorant, is Sarah Palin and the folks that actually like her? Befor you respond, consider the following.

Sarah Palin Gets The 2nd Amendment And Paul Revere’s Ride Wrong

While in Boston (apparently at bunker Hill), Palin said the following about Paul Revere’s Ride

“He who warned uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh by ringing those bells, and um, makin’ sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed.”

Interestingly enough, she is intentionally misrepresenting historical fact or a complete idiot.

On the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was sent for by Dr. Joseph Warren and instructed to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts, to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were marching to arrest them. After being rowed across the Charles River to Charlestown by two associates, Paul Revere borrowed a horse from his friend Deacon John Larkin. While in Charlestown, he verified that the local “Sons of Liberty” committee had seen his pre-arranged signals. (Two lanterns had been hung briefly in the bell-tower of Christ Church in Boston, indicating that troops would row “by sea” across the Charles River to Cambridge, rather than marching “by land” out Boston Neck. Revere had arranged for these signals the previous weekend, as he was afraid that he might be prevented from leaving Boston).

On the way to Lexington, Revere “alarmed” the country-side, stopping at each house, and arrived in Lexington about midnight. As he approached the house where Adams and Hancock were staying, a sentry asked that he not make so much noise. “Noise!” cried Revere, “You’ll have noise enough before long. The regulars are coming out!” After delivering his message, Revere was joined by a second rider, William Dawes, who had been sent on the same errand by a different route. Deciding on their own to continue on to Concord, Massachusetts, where weapons and supplies were hidden, Revere and Dawes were joined by a third rider, Dr. Samuel Prescott. Soon after, all three were arrested by a British patrol. Prescott escaped almost immediately, and Dawes soon after. Revere was held for some time and then released. Left without a horse, Revere returned to Lexington in time to witness part of the battle on the Lexington Green.

Next up, she either can’t spell, or is incredibly stupid:

Sarah Palin Gets The Name Of The Statue Of Liberty Wrong

She recently mis-tweeted the name of Statue Of Liberty.

Here is the tweet:

Keep in mind that this is a woman wants Republicans to believe that she can become their next president. I honestly believe that somewhere in the morass that is her brain she keeps thinking “Hey, how tough can it be to be president, Morgan Freeman did it.”

Further, I feel that either she’s afraid of deciding on even the most simple of choices for fear of offending someone who chose the other thing, or she flat-out doesn’t know the answer.

Sarah Palin Can’t Name Her Favorite Founding Father

Recently even Fox crazyman, and Palin acolyte Glenn Beck called her non-response bullshit.

Then, of course, she decided to bitch-slap fellow Republican Mitch Romney about his stance on Health Care on the very same day that Romney announced that he was running for President. In regards to her upstaging Romney, the thing is, when you’re a media whore, it never occurs to you that someone else deserves the spotlight for a moment or two, even if that person is ostensibly on your team.

Finally, it is no wonder that she would criticize Romney for his (nearly identical) version of “Obamacare” because, when Governatrix of Alaska, she signed a bill that would force raped women to pay for their own forensic rape kits.

Yeah, We totally want this ignorant, insensitive, crazy woman to be our next president.

The Perfessor.

If there was an Italian President

Here is a very funny clip with comic Mike Marino explaining why, if we had an Italian President (from New Jersey), the country would be much better off. Being Italian myself, I can’t help but to think that he just might have something here.

I highly recommend you all watch this 2 minute clip, I’m betting that you’ll agree with me (even if you are neither Italian nor from New Jersey).

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Funnybook City

OK, OK, I know that neither Walt or I have been muchly active since the beginning of the year but that is because (Walt is a lightweight) I’ve been busy.

oiotmu004_colNo really, I’ve been witting quite a bit. one of the places that I’ve been quite busy, has been working on The Official Index to the Marvel Universe. Yeah, yeah, it is a real geek thing, specific to comicbook fans only, but hey, it is paying work, and I am having fun with it, so you know, what the heck?

The really cool part of the Index, is that Marvel is actually listing me as one of the writers of the series in their solicitations.Note to Obama

Anyway, here is a presidential cartoon that I came across that I found entertaining.

And, here is a very funny Foxtrot cartoon that points out the difference between boys and girls as far as math goes. I’m sure that you will enjoy it as well.

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