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What’s going on in Texas?

Texas Politics-2

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Politics, Texas Style

Here is another one for our long-suffering buddy, Walt.

Texas Politics

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Politics explained


Yeah, like that!

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The truth hurts!

You have to love the cognitive dissonance exhibited by Conservative Republicans. The love to shout about how horrible that the Democrats are, but when you actually look at the true, indisputable facts, you find out how far into the tall grass that they have strayed.

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Why I’m voting Republican

Yep, you read that right.

Yeah, like that.

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…and this is what you want to complain about???

Seriously, some folks are simply wound too tight, and need a good Gibb’s-Smack to the back of the head. Why you ask? well, just watch the following vid about how some Conservatives apparently complained about how the school that President Obama’s children attend served an “Asian-inspired” lunch on the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.

Yeah, really.

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