Pixar’s short film, Lifting!

This is a very funny short film from Pixar.

The Perfessor

Another swipe @ Twilight

Sorry Cougar Moms, I simply couldn’t resist.

The Perfessor

A night in the dark

From the Shadow of the 14th rowNo, there isn’t anything that weird (or unsafe) about this post. It is just my coy way of telling you all that I’ve been to the movies again and I want to wax eloquent about it here in this space.

This time out we are going to talk about Hancock and Wall*E. So if you are up for spending a couple of hours in the dark, then you’ll want to spend some time watching both of these films. The first is an adult (stereocomic) take on superheroes while the second is the latest outing from the folks at Pixar (the folks who gave us The Incredibles).

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