Why fly?

Eliana Sutherland, pictured here at Disneyland, claimed she was subjected to additional security screening because of the size of her breasts.
OK, kids, we’ve all heard of the new invasive pat-downs being done by the TSA on folks who are traveling by air. Well, here is a new one. Apparently a well-endowed woman now claims, in a story posted in The Daily Mail, that she was pulled out of line by a pair of male TSA agents for an additional pat-down due solely to the size of her breasts.

Eliana Sutherland was flying from Orlando International Airport and said she felt violated by security workers.

It was the latest revelation to hit the Transportation Security Administration which imposed the checks and whose officers have been on the receiving end of a series of allegations.

Sutherland’s claims come on the heals of thousands of other American who have become outraged over the institution of new, tighter airport security measures, that include full body scans and hands-on pat-downs.

‘It was pretty obvious. One of the guys that was staring me up and down was the one who pulled me over,’ she said. ‘Not a comfortable feeling.’

Many frustrated passengers are talking about a boycott of the airlines, However, reports from airports across the U.S. indicated that passengers had chosen not to take part in the planned protests.

The Perfessor

Fashion website Cargo Collective has hit on an innovative method for Americans to make their feelings known about the TSA security checks - by emblazoning it on their underwear. Passengers can buy boxer shorts, bras and pants suggesting airport staff brush up on the 4th Amendment before subjecting passengers to pat-downs and body scans. The site even offers children's polo shirts branded with the words 'READ THE 4TH AMENDMENT PERVERTS' for parents fearful of their child's privacy being breached.

Time for your feel-up

By now you have probably heard about all of the hub-bub regarding the TSA protocols that require everyone to be felt up…er, patted down (including men’s and women’s groins and buttox, and women’s breasts. Yes, this includes children as well. While, yes, we all want to have our air travel be safe, it seems to us that this method is disturbingly flawed on so many levels that it is hard to even take it seriously.

Lord knows that humorist Dave Barry was recently fondled, er, groped, um, patted down and said the following

Mr. BARRY: Well, they take you in this little room. And it’s an unpleasant little room. The man is putting on the blue gloves. He’s telling me how he’s going to touch me. And he makes a big point about when he’s going to be using the front of his hand, and when he’s going to be using the back of his hand.

And I’m thinking, I don’t really care. Like, it’s not like if I’m going to have a guy touching me, I’m going to look down and go, oh, it’s okay; it’s the back of his hand – you know what I mean?

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. BARRY: And then while I was in there, the other guy with the boarding pass came in. And he says, oh, I’m a – you’re Dave Barry. I’m a big fan. And so I had this kind of surreal conversation with one guy telling me what a big fan he is, how much, you know, he likes my – and the other guy is groping me.

Needless to say, everyone’s molesting grope isn’t nearly as humorous. Witness the following Video (after the jump).

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