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cover-final.Not everything is as it seems, especially in the SoHo district of 1940’s New York City. No, in fact, things are not always quite what they seem. There are shadows and alleyways of the world that are not normally traversed by mortal men, and in those shadowy realms, there exist things that must be dealt with by those that can divine their presence and root out that evil. This is the world of the Owlgirls, a trio of sisters who for reasons that pass understanding have the heads of Owls and the bodies of human women. Virtually every culture in the world offers up myths and legends about the nature of Owls, and we here in America are no different. These three women (Magda, Martha, and Maggie) are attempting to live normal lives, only they have mystical abilities, oh yes, and they talk to Death; an old woman who visits them at odd moments during the day, and whose bidding they sometimes do.

Kickstarter-coverThe sisters live in a typical three-story building in SoHo above a mortuary that is managed by Gebedhia the owner of the mortuary and lover of the oldest sister, Magda. These three gals live in a kind of shadowy, mystical corner of reality. The folks who share their neighborhood know of the women but try to stay away from them as much as possible, as one could expect.

As stated, from time-to-time the sisters do the bidding of Death that is to say tracking down creatures that don’t quite belong on this plane of existence. They also, occasionally, investigate murders, unsolved cases, and assist in sundry other paranormal activities on behalf of local individuals. Essentially, the women are Furies: female personifications of vengeance. They must avenge killings of innocents and torture murderers for their crimes. They will locate demons hidden among the humans who make heinous crimes, or upset the balance of people in this realm. While initially they are based in New York, eventually, the Owlgirls will travel anywhere to track down these demons.

OwlGirls WWIIThe series is not only a period piece (taking place in the ‘40s) but will maintain a gloomy atmosphere, almost Gothic-like experience for the reader. Playing off events of the time period in which they exist. The first five-part story arc finds the sisters living in SoHo, and dealing with the local threat of a NYC Cappo who wants to exploit their power for his own gain (which essentially launches their story and builds the bridge between them and death). We learn the background of the Owlgirls, and witness the real start of their investigations.

Death itself often informs the dead of the help available to them in the afterlife and/or their still living relatives that the sisters can provide. The demons and spirits will be hidden among the people and can be anywhere. They may have likeness or not human. However, the three Owlgirls discover the demons, according to local histories, or lore and try to bring them back into their world.

WantedOwlgirls is the creation of Rachele Aragno, an Italian artist. Rachele developed the unique look for the Owl girls as well as their background, but became stuck with how to develop them further. She came to the attention of Dave Ryan (The War of the Independents) who then brought noted comicbook historian and journalist Robert J. Sodaro (your humble Perfessor) into the mix. Sodaro build on the core background developed by Aragno and crafted a five-issue arc that introduces the Owlgirls to the world. Now, with issue one completed, issue #2 scripted, and the third issue in the works, the trio of creators has determined to launch this very engaging and visionary series.

This project will only be funded if at least $5,250 is pledged by Tuesday Aug 20, 2013.


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