The arrogance of fools

OK, so this happened to me yesterday at where I work. I pulled into the parking lot and parked in a spot. As I did so I noticed that the SUV that parked in the spot to my right was all but on the line separating us. I didn’t think much of it, parked, and went inside. When came out, I found this note.


Now, while I know that the person who parked next to me, and put the above note on my car, probably won’t actually read my response, I still wanted to post this anyway.

1) I was totally inside the parking lines for my space
2) You were virtually on the driver-side line, ensuring that it was going to be a tight squeeze if another car parked next to you as did I
3) If you are injured, perhaps you should have received a temporary handicapped parking tag from your Dr. and parked in a handicapped spot
4) Failing that, you could have chosen to:
a) Park inside rather than on the line giving you more room.
b) Park on the end ensuring that ho one would park to your left

So, for what it’s worth, get stuffed.

The Perfessor

Run, baby run!

OK folks, my second road race this year (and no, I didn’t do as good as in the NH race, not exactly sure why).

Anyway, This 5K was to benefit the Norwalk Public Libraries, and well, as a City employee, I was able to enter the race for a greatly reduced rate, so I opted to run.

The pic below is the start of the race, and well, that’s me (in the hat in the back). Not sure if I’ll do any more, but well, I’, certainly bound and determined to bring my time under 10 minutes/mile.

After the race, I went over my buddy’s place and picked up some wicked-cool Spider-Man swag from his collectible tag sale.

The Perfessor

Bill Clinton Car Crash In Norwalk, CT

Yeah, you heard that right, The Former President’s motorcade was passing through Norwalk, CT (on its way to a speaking engagement for the former President at Yale University, along the Merritt Parkway), when traffic slowed down, and the rear Secret Service car slowed down faster than the car that tailed it, and was struck. Shortly after that, a second car struck yet another car in the now-stopped motorcade.

All of this was reported by Channel 12 News.

One person commented that “Clinton’s car was rear-ended with such force it knocked the girl off his lap.”

Yeah, everybody’s a comedian.

The Perfessor