It’s OK to be nekid…

Yeah, you heard that right. It is apparently OK to be unclothed; especially if you are in your own home, and it is it prior to 7:00 A.M. and, well, your house is well set back on your property. We know, we know, as silly (and obvious) as this all sounds, there was recently a man sued over this very matter.

No, really!

Fairfax Naked Guy — Not Guilty

A Fairfax County Circuit Court jury took less than 20 minutes Wednesday to find Erick Williamson, “The Naked Guy,” not guilty of indecent exposure, for standing nude inside his Springfield house last fall.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders,” Williamson said of the verdict, which was an appeal of his misdemeanor conviction by a judge in Fairfax General District Court. “I think it sets the record straight. It was an innocent action.”

Apparently there was like a whole thing about this.

The appeal trial for The Naked Guy, Erick Williamson, got underway in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Wednesday, after Williamson appealed his conviction for indecent exposure while inside his Springfield house last fall.

Though Fairfax prosecutors limited their case strictly to the two women who say they saw Williamson, 29, standing naked at the door to his carport on Oct. 19, one new detail did emerge today: Yvette Dean, who testified she was walking her 7-year-old son to school that fateful morning, said that when she spotted Williamson posing in the doorway, “I flipped him off.”

Apparently is was the not only that the woman was (apparently) too far away to “look him in the eye”, but, according to the defense attorney:

If a woman is “walking along and sees someone naked,” Young told the jury in his closing argument, “the last thing they’re going to be looking at is his eyes.”

Yeah, we thought that part was funny too.

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