My kind of Avengers…

OK kids this isn’t quite the comicbook Avengers we’re used to, but well, at least somebody is having fun:

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Old Spice Guy in the Marvel Universe

It’s one thing to be mocked. Another thing to mock yourself.

Here’s the Old Spice Guy, Isiah Mustafa in the Marvel Universe

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Marvel movies vs. DC Movies, let the games begin…

By now you’ve all seen the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” series of ads, well an enterprising group has put together a series of well-made clips spoofing that campaign by pitting Marvel and DC action figures against each other. The series is very funny.

Well, they just released the 100th episode, and, well, it is quite entertaining…

Fun stuff (better than some of the actual funnybook films, actually)

The Perfessor

The Perfessor’s bookshelf

I just got a FedEx package from Marvel, containing not only the last several issues of The Official Index to the Marvel Universe (#s 10–12) as well as dust jackets to the last three Marvel hardcover compilations to which I wrote the cover copy.

These three books are; Timestorm 2009/2099, House Of M: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four & X-Men, House Of M: Wolverine, Iron Man & Hulk

As I’ve indicated I have been contributing to this on-going series (#13 is the most recent one out, and which is pictured here.)

I know that I have yet another House of M compilation for which I have written cover copy as well as issue #14 to the Index, only those books apparently not quite ready as of yet.

Given that this is a new year, I can only hope that I’ll have more work on both of these projects as the year progresses. I’m currently lobbying to get more Marvel work, and (again hopefully) more of that will be coming through as well.

Seriously, how cool is that?

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Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics

You remember the Hitler video with Michael Jackson from several months back? Yeah, I thought as much, Well, I know that it has been redone a number of times, but I just saw a version that pitted Marvel against DC. OK, now I realize that the specifics of this video and the story behind it will probably be lost on you, but trust me when I tell you when I tell you that its hilarious.

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One from the Vaults

AmazingFantasy15So, just when you thought it was save to go back into the waters of the Marvel/Disney deal, the Heirs of Jack Kirby toss us a curve ball, by claiming that they are seeking to re-claim Jack’s rights to many of the Marvel characters that he had a hand in creating. Well, just the other day, it seems that they added a knuckle ball to their oeuvre, and are adding none other than Spider-Man to their list of 45 copyright claims.

Yep, it seems that, according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter:

The heirs of Jack Kirby aren’t merely trying to wrest control of such iconic superheroes as Spider-Man, Hulk and X-Men from Marvel and its new, possibly nervous owners at the Walt Disney Co.

We got our hands on two of the 45 notices of termination served under the Copyright Act last week on Marvel, Disney, Sony, Universal, Fox, Paramount and others, and the demands are potentially much broader than has been reported.

The copyright termination notices pertaining to Spider-Man and Fantastic Four are written to recapture control of most of the well-known characters in each mythology, to the extent that Kirby contributed to them.

Now you may ask how Kirby’s heirs are able to make such a claim, well Lee himself has given them the right:

Lee has gone on record (more than once) naming Ditko, not Kirby, as the character’s co-creator, and Ditko’s account of Kirby’s involvement tends to support that argument:

Kirby had pencilled five pages of his Spider-man. How much was pure Kirby, how much Lee, is for them to resolve.

The splash was the only one with a drawing of Spider-man. A typical Kirby hero/action shot. But the costume is what is important… I’m uncertain about the abstract chest design. The closest thing to it is the one on Ant-man. Kirby’s Spider-man had a web gun, never seen in use. The only connection to the spider theme was the name.

This stuff just keeps getting better and better.

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