Marvel movies vs. DC Movies, let the games begin…

By now you’ve all seen the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” series of ads, well an enterprising group has put together a series of well-made clips spoofing that campaign by pitting Marvel and DC action figures against each other. The series is very funny.

Well, they just released the 100th episode, and, well, it is quite entertaining…

Fun stuff (better than some of the actual funnybook films, actually)

The Perfessor

For the Mac-Head who has everything

This just in from The Unofficial Apple WebBlog (TUAW), the newest toy that they are all going to want.

TUAW bloggers Mike Schramm, Dave Caolo, Steve Sande, and David Winograd visited with the oh-so-lucky dudes from Parrot yesterday pre-Macworld, and had a chance to try our hands at flying this incredible little device. No, we don’t know what this is going to cost, nor do we know when it will ship other than “in 2010,” but if you have your geek on, you’re going to want one of these. Watch the above video by our awesome videographer Chad Mumm for the scoop.

As for me, I’m still waiting for my jet pack!

The Perfessor

More trouble for iPad

Yeah, you probably saw this coming, what with Cisco pre-buying (and then selling) “iPhone” to Apple, well, as it turns out…

Seems that Fujitsu already has a product called an iPad (pictured), a gizmo mainly used by shop clerks. According to this WSJ story and this NYT article, Fujitsu applied for an iPad trademark in 2003, and is claiming that it should have sole ownership of the name. Click here, also, for the FT story.

Like I said, somebody had to see this one coming. Now the “pad” jokes aside this could be just a “throw money at it” glitch, but given the tepid response that the iPad is getting, you have to wonder if this one of those rare Apple misfires.

The Perfessor