Vetting the Veep — Daily Show Style

I’m serious about this folks, if you are not watching Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s faux news program, The Daily Show, then you are missing out on some truly terrific non-spin news. Last night here was Stewart’s lead for the program:

I know that McCain is getting a load of play off his nomination of Palin as his VP, but I want everyone to understand that the Republicans aren’t as progressive as they want us to believe, especially when you consider that the Democrats nominated Geraldine Ferraro for Vice President as Walter Mondale’s running mate back in 1984 (something that everyone seems to forget).

Personally, I’m having all sorts of issues with this woman being on the ticket, and I hope that the electorate will think freely enough to see past the theatrics of her nomination and focus on the reality of the situation.

The Perfessor

More Republican silliness from Jon Stewart

Tonight, Comedy Central’s fake news program The Daily Show (followed by The Colbert Report) return to the air after a week off. Prior to the brief vacation, The Daily Show spent two weeks on the road following both the Democratic and Republican conventions. Before we see where they go next, I just wanted to post these clips from The Daily Show’s last couple of days of original episodes before their break.

Then there is this one of McCain’s acceptance speech:

Jon Stewart is so the man!

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Palin and the Gender card

Go Fish
Go Fish
When I tell you that I love Jon Stewart, I want you all to know that I mean it in a totally platonic, adult male, admire-from-afar, totally non-sexual sort of way. Anyone who spends a week or so watching his Daily Show on Comedy Central can fully understand why more and more people are getting their news from him, rather than the other (let’s call them “real” news networks.

Last night, during the show’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, he (let’s say “caught”) a number of high-ranking Republican talking heads talking out of both sides of their mouths. (sound required.)

You seriously have to love this guy’s insights into the political machine — and yeah — I know that he too has a spin that he puts to the news, but it is one that strips down the hype of others, and (assuming that the media is an advocate for the populace) finds its way to the truth that we should have heard from the news media in the first place.

Oh yeah, in regards to “Papa Bear” O’Reily’s comments about the government “Not having to support” the child (specifically the impending grandchild of Governor Palin), he carefully forgets to mention that as Palin’s husband is Inuit, and native Alaskan, he (and all of his descendants — including the bun in daughter, Bristol) are all entitled to a monthly stipend. Now I don’t know if this payment comes from the State or the Feds, but in either case — at least in this instance — the government is paying (at least in part) for the baby.

As for Stewart’s description of Dick Morris. Simply Perfect.

The Perfessor

Russia Invades the US!

Yeah, yeah, I know that we are sort of running a bit behind on the reporting of this, but well, apparently the Soviet Union and the United States are at war. Yep, I saw it on TV, apparently all of the networks are reporting it, and we here have just been distracted by the Olympics to have noticed it.

No really, I’m not kidding, Russia has invaded the souther state of Georgia…Oh wait, I’m now getting an update from the newsroom, apparently Georgia has not only seceded from the Union, but is now located in Eastern Europe. No wait, that’s apparently not right either. Now I’m being told that some Eastern European country has violated copyright laws and stolen the name of the great state of Georgia.

Oh Hell, you mean that they were Georgia first? Damn. I’m going to have to go back to drinking heavy.

In the meantime, watch Jon Stewart Dances the Dance on Comedy Central’s fake news program, The Daily Show.

And Georgia is always on my, my, my, mind!As an unavoidable aside, apparently there were some folk (related to some folk who run Cuppacafe) who were genuinely confused about the whole Russian invasion of Georgia thing, we won’t mention any names (Shelly), and I simply couldn’t resist making this post in regards to that.

(Apparently she kept hearing the reports on the news, and; as she really wasn’t really paying attention; and thought that it was something of a joke. She was never even aware that there was a country named Georgia. As Jon Stewart, put it in the report we posted above, “Oh, War. It’s just God’s way of teaching America geography.”

Burn them CrossesSo, if there are any others out there who are confused. The country of Georgia (a former satellite nation of the USSR), was named after St. George (the dragon slayer), while the US State of Georgia, was named after England’s King George.

Hopefully, I’ve now cleared all of that up, and we can move on to, well sillier stuff.

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That Wrinkly White Haired Guy and Paris Hilton

Back when dancing was a sin and beer was sold by the bucket…

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

The following was added by The Perfessor

A funny thing happened to me on my way to posting this morning. Walt beat me to the post I was going to make. Yep, that’s right after some four-and-a-half-years of co-posting we have finally hit on the same topic post at the same time. Seriously, I was just going to make this post myself.

Anyway, Here’s the thing, If you don’t understand what the deal is with the above Hilton Post, it is comedic-inspired political blowback to McCain’s camp for attempting to slam Obama by (unfavorably) comparing the Senator to Paris and Brit-Brit. This, even considering that Paris’ parents donated several thousands of dollars to McCain’s campaign (and we thought that the current President was an intellectual lightweight).

Anyway, if you missed the initial (McCain) ad, here it is:

Just to put the proper spin on all of this silliness, we have Jon Stewart, from The Daily Show:

Now you see why we are having so much fun here at Cuppa-Central.

The Perfessor

P.S.: Oh yea, one last thing. I’m so voting for her!

Teen sex, STDs, and the CDC


Yep, you read that right, there apparently is a recent report from the CDC that indicates one in four teen aged girls have an STD:

CHICAGO – Startling government research on teenage girls and sexually transmitted diseases sends a blunt message to kids who think they’re immune: It’s liable to happen to you or someone you know.

In the first study of its kind, researchers at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found at least one in 4 teenage American girls has a sexually transmitted disease.

The most common one is a virus that can cause cervical cancer, and the second most common can cause infertility. Nearly half the black teens in the study had at least one sexually transmitted infection, versus 20 percent among both whites and Mexican-American teens.

(From an MSNBC news item on that report)

As the father of a 13-year-old, I find that pretty scary. According to the study (a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted in 2003-2004), of female adolescents surveyed, over half of whom reported ever having sex (for some that is vaginal intercourse, while for others it is intimate behavior including oral sex, which can also spread some infections). Even more startling are the numbers themselves, apparently of African American girls 48% had an STI, while 20% of white girls, were infected.

These are some very disturbing numbers. Still, what is perhaps even more disturbing is politicians and religious leaders who want to abolish (and have abolished) sex-ed programs and insist on relying only on Abstinence programs.

Here is what Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show had to say on all of this…

Sure, sure, he obviously goes for the joke here, but, given the ignorance that abounds, what more can we do?

The Perfessor

P.S.: No really, has anyone seen Walt?