Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live

While watching this clip you really begin to feel sorry for Harrison Ford, until, well…

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Actors Against Acting Athletes with Gary Oldman

Too funny!

See what we mean?

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A better Twilight is coming…

…unfortunately it isn’t the version that’s coming into theaters shortly, it is the one that first appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and is now playing here…

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Late Night Brouhaha

Ok, by now we’ve all hared about the late-nite dust-up with Leno tanking at 10:00 P.M. and taking the rest of the line-up’s rating with him, so I.m really not going to rehash it all here, but, I figured that I’d let some of the late-nite guys tell their side of of how all of this affects them, starting with Conan:

Conan O’Brien will leave ‘The Tonight Show’ if Leno returns to NBC late night

Now for a bunch of clips. First up, Conan talks about Leno:

Craig Ferguson weighs in:

Now for what David Letterman thinks:

In a this article Conan eviscerates NBC over their decision to move the lineup around.

Even Jimmy Kimmel gets into the act when he talks about the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien situation.

Ya just gotta love this stuff.

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