And yet, another county heard from

Recently Texas Governor Rick Perry proved what an ass-hat he is by making a video that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is way off his meds well the int Intertubes have been abuzz with responses, here are a couple of them

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All Texas Conservatives are equal (so long as they are Christians)

There is apparently a rumor of sorts going around that the U.S. Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion, and (at the very least) historical precedence maintains that there is a separation of church and state, so, assuming both of these core beliefs, why are Conservative Christian Texas legislators attempting to oust a Conservative Jewish legislator who happens to be the speaker of the State House?

Nope, we don’t know why either (except that they are perhaps lying hypocritical bastards), Still, let’s go to our pals at The Daily Show to find out more.

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Here’s one for the (electronic) books

electronics ruleThis one is for my good buddy Walt (who is apparently still out pillaging and raping the Earth in search for a means to enable those folk that love to suck the life juices from our beloved planet).

So, My father-in-Law loves to send me clips and bits that he culls from the news. These items can range from interesting stories on comicbook characters, to bits on Jewish comicbook characters to interesting Jewish-related stories. This particular item is a cute item about Jewish-hi-tech (yeah, you read that right, Jewish Hi-Tech).

Well, apparently the story is that a fellow was attending a wedding and for some reason the Rabbi didn’t have the proper text for the wedding, so they tapped one of the attendees of the wedding who just happened to have the proper prayer…on his smartphone!

Needless to say, he handed his phone to the Rabbi (who very coyly read from the phone without revealing to the congregation that he was reading from an electronic device, rather than a printed scroll). As luck would have it, no one called during the ceremony to give it all away.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Ain’t technology grand?

The Perfessor