Apple will use DRM on ebooks

You know how Apple finally took Digital Rights Management (DRM) off of its music on iTunes? Well, all that business about people being cheesed that the stuff they bought is tied to one platform is going to go through the wash cycle again:

When Apple launches its iBook store to sell titles for its new iPad device in March, many of its titles are expected to come with a set of handsome digital locks designed to deter piracy.

Veteran iTunes customers will recognize the locks as FairPlay, a digital rights management software that once limited how many times digital songs can be copied onto different computers. (Apple phased out FairPlay for music a year ago, and now sells unfettered tunes.)

Next month, Apple will be dusting off those digital cuffs for books, according to sources in the publishing industry.

No doubt some publishers, including O’Reilly Media — which has vociferously argued that digital locks are harmful to sales — will opt not to deploy FairPlay. (O’Reilly, which puts out technical books, was not on the list of five publishers during Apple’s announcement of the iPad, but is discussing a deal with Apple.)

But the majority of publishers are expected to embrace FairPlay, along with other copy protection software such as Adobe’s Content Server 4, as a means to squelch incipient book piracy as the e-book market begins to take off.

h/t to Dwight

Download tunes; crash the ‘net

So, what were you doing Wednesday December 3 at 5:00 P.M.? If you were like many of the fans of Colbert Nation you were (apparently) downloading Stephen’s A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All on iTunes. Seems that on both Monday and Tuesday and nights Colbert called for his fans to storm itunes and download his album at precisely 5:00 so as to knock Kayne West out of the #1 slot.

Then there was this follow-up on Tuesday:

Well, the really funny part comes in when Kanye West Posted this note on his twitter site.

Meanwhile Kanye slipped down the charts as both Britney Spears and Akon issued new albums debuting at #s 1 & 2 respectfully. So, while Colbert isn’t #1, he now sits on the chart higher than West.

Ya just gotta love this stuff. Personally, I can’t wait until tonight’s show. Oh yeah, in the mean time, there’s this…

The Perfessor


Last night, Colbert celebrated his victory over Kanye in his typical humble fashion. (A video follows, unfortunately it is the whole show (there are no segregated clips), but the Kanye segment starts 1:35 in).