The alt Iron Man opening

Since I haven’t even bothered to pay my $9 to see Iron Man 2 at the movie theaters, I have no idea if this sequence is in the movie or not.

You Complete Me

Now we know why Pepper kissed Tony’s helmet.

Watch this alternate opening to Iron Man 2 before it gets taken down for copyright infri bad taste.

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Iron Man Fever continues at Burger King

Yeah, I know that you silly kids love it when I post stuff like this, so here we go, Iron Man toys are now available at Burger King. There are eight toys to this set, but what makes this set really cool, is that for the first time there are four toys in the set targeted for girls. Now I know that these places regularly offer toys for boys and girls and run them together, but this time the four girl toys are also Iron Man-related, and I think that makes them very interesting, especially given that Iron man is so clearly a “boy” movie (even though there are several very strong female characters).

Week 1 Iron Man 2 toys @ Burger King
Week 2 Iron Man 2 toys @ Burger King

The movie hits theaters on Friday, May 7.

The Perfessor

Iron Man v. Hugh Grant

Like the very famous and very short film, “Bambi vs. Godzilla”

This one is also spoiled by the title.

Sound encouraged but not req’d.

I Am Iron Man

No, this post isn’t about Ozzy, but about some of the new fast food toys that are now showing up for the upcoming Iron Man film. I just wanted to share ’em with you, ‘caus I think that they are kinda cool (plus I didn’t have a better post for today).

Yep, that’s straws and Big Gulp cups from 7-eleven.

Personally I’m hoping for something from Burger King or McDonald’s but this is good for now.

The Perfessor