A weightless cruise through some confined space [cool video]

You paid several billion dollars for this place, so it better look cool.

Fortunately, it does.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the inside of your International Space Station. Hit HD and/or full screen this if you can. It’s nicely done, and longer than you think. The videographer is astronaut Jeff Williams.

sound not required for this journey recorded by two HD cameras taped together

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Yes, I do believe that much of what has transpired 207 miles up there is a waste of money and effort, but while its up there, you might as well try to make it look useful. Every nook and cranny looks stuffed with.. uh, stuff. Perhaps being so far from the rest of us, they can manage to cure cancer, or solve the mideast crisis, or perhaps invent a new flavor of Tang… I could go for some good pomegranate flavored Tang …

But not exactly what I’d expected after watching the first 2001 A Space Odyssey all those years ago.

When that thing gets deorbited a decade from now, it’ll probably be another 40 years before something like that is built in space. Perhaps by then they’ll figure out what to do when they get up there.

H/T to Eric

Somewhere on the planet, the first piece…

Somewhere on the planet, the first piece of cheese launched into space has come back down to earth.