“Bend it, shape it, any way you want it…”

OK, maybe we’re exaggerating just a bit, well, perhaps more than “just a bit” but according to a new report, HP has developed a flexible Palm device. Yep, you read that part right, Last year HP purchased Palm, and well everyone seemed to think that the former Smart Device manufacturer was all but dead in the water. You see, at that time, the Pre was getting great reviews, but it simply wasn’t selling, (probably because it was on Sprint, which somehow managed to lose a few million customers a year).

Anyways, most folks seemed to see it as less of an acquisition and more of a mercy killing in order to spare the once mighty Palm the humiliation of imploding in public, however it’s a year later, and HP has come out with the news that they’ve developed a flexible display that might be used in future Palm devices.

It’s pretty neat: sheets are infused with Mylar, as well as a rich garlic sauce, and the result is a screen that can play video but is also bistable: that is, if you hit pause on a video, instead of the screen slowly draining the battery, it either takes only a very little power, or no power at all, just like e-ink. Even better, HP seems pretty gung-ho about eventually getting this neat little bendy device into stores, both as HP brand products and as Palm brand products.

Yeah, we thought it was pretty cool too.

The Perfessor

The iPad, only with Flash support. Thanks HP!

Sound not req’d on this quick advertisement for HP’s Slate.


This is your Captain Speaking

HP PrankLet’s say you have a (valid) point to make, and you want to make it in such a way that will get everyone’s attention, but not do so in a destructive way or cause you to — you know — get arrested. Well, the first thing is that you need a viable plan, and then it certainly doesn’’t hurt to have a celebrity spokesperson who shares your viewpoint and is willing to lend a hand, or voice.

To Wit:

A number of Greenpeace activists recently went all “Mission Impossible” and not only scaled the walls of the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto but once they reached the roof of the building, they then painted the words “Hazardous Products” in enormous letters on the roof to draw attention to the company’s backpedaling on its pledge to remove toxic chemicals from its products by the end of the year. The message, is obviously a play on the company’s HP logo, was applied using non-toxic children’s finger paint and covered 11,500 sq ft. of the roof.

Still, that wasn’t the entirety of the prank, Hewlett-Packard employees also received automated calls with a recorded message from William Shatner (Television’s Captain Kirk) which said “You promised me a toxic-free computer by 2009,” he said in the recording. “Now my friends at Greenpeace tell me that I’ll have to wait until 2011. What’s up with that?” Read more


Police were soon on the scene but Hewlett-Packard chose not to press charges, an apparent effort to avoid prolonged media attention to the case. Mr Harrell also said that because the activists used finger paint, no damage was done to the building.

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UPDATE from Walt
Here’s the audio, just in case you’re a Shatneraholic: